Class 10 Revision Notes - CBSE NCERT Notes for Class 10 (PDF Download)

So this year, you are going to take the board exams. Sleeves up. Welcome to the exciting year of 10th board. There might be a little havoc around you. A little cloud of anxiety. But don't worry, I am here to help. Here are NCERT revision notes for you that will not only help you in your exams, but also make you to understand the topic better.

Class 10 Geography Notes

Chapter 1: Resources and DevelopmentDownload Notes
Chapter 2: Forest and Wildlife ResourcesDownload Notes
Chapter 3: Water ResourcesDownload Notes
Chapter 4: AgricultureDownload Notes
Chapter 5: Minerals and Energy ResourcesDownload Notes
Chapter 6: Manufacturing IndustriesDownload Notes
Chapter 7: Lifelines of National EconomyDownload Notes

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