Class 6 Revision Notes - Short CBSE Notes For Class 6 Students

Class 6 Revision Notes
Class 6 is the stepping stone in your life. You are in middle school. From now stakes will be a little high. You are grown up and things academically will be a little more interesting from now.

You will learn about Our Pasts, how men, women and children used to live in caves, how they evolved over time, how they built communities and then cities, how cities grew into kingdoms and how we came to know about them. You will explore about Our Earth, learn why stars twinkle in the night sky, why its cold in December and hot in May and why it is the day in India while it is night in the United States. You will learn about Our Social and Political life, what is a democracy and how it works. Then come usual maths and science. In maths, you will learn about numbers and how to weave magic with them. Lastly science, where food comes from, how world is changing around us, and why magnets attract and repel at times.

If you think this is too much. You can't cover it all alone. Don't worry. We are here for you. Here at GK Book, we have designed notes for you, which will not only simplify your journey, but also score high in your class.

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These Class 6 revision notes are also helpful to those students who are preparing any competitive exam such as Olympiads, UPSC, NDA/NA, State PSCs, SSC, RRB and so on. These notes will help you to understand the basic concepts and make your journey smooth. Hope you will find success and achieve your dream. Good luck.