Class 7 Revision Notes - Short CBSE Notes For Class 7 Students

Class 7 Revision Notes - Short CBSE Notes For Class 7 Students
Class 7 Revision Notes
So you have grade up. Now you are in Class 7. The course will be a little more demanding from here now, not like your class 6 course, but things will be a little more exciting too.

This year, in Science, you will discover how a small thread of fibre becomes a piece of cloth, why litmus changes its colour when we dip it into acid or base medium and why we see our reflection in the water. In Geography, you will explore what is inside our Earth, how small things that we take we for granted such as transport and communication change the way we live and how people really live in other parts of the world such as Amazon Basin, North America and Sahara. In History, we will learn how new kings and kingdoms rose, how Mughal came to India and ruled for more than 300 years and how a wind of social change started in the early 18th century. In Civics, we learn about what is equality, how women are changing the world and how we can change our society. Finally, there come good old maths, this year you will learn how numbers play in real life and geometry have some real-life application too :D.

Class 7 is one of the formative classes. What you learn in this class will help you in the long run. So keep learning and keep exploring.

Class 7 Maths Notes
Class 7 Science Notes
Class 7 History Notes
Class 7 Civics Notes
Class 7 Geography Notes

These CBSE Class 7 Revision notes will be also helpful to those students who are preparing for any government exam. It is observed in many of the government exams such as UPSC, NDA/NA, CDS, SSC and RRB, examiners ask the question from CBSE or NCERT books. These notes are designed in a manner to grab each and every little concept that you will encounter in this class.