Class 8 Revision Notes - CBSE Short Notes For Class 8 (PDF Download)

Class 8 Revision Notes - CBSE (NCERT) Short Notes For Class 8 (PDF Download)
Class 8 Revision Notes
You have made it to Class 8. As you already know, it will be a little tougher this year from the previous class. But don't worry, you have already shown your mettle. Now, all you have to put a little extra effort and outperform yourself again.

This year, in Geography, you will learn about what is resource, what makes a thing a resource and how we develop them for consumption. Even more interesting, how humans also a resource. In History, you will learn how the British confiscated the land of India, which led to the first war of Independence and how we achieved our Independence. In Civics, you will learn the basics of the Indian constitution, how the Parliament runs and what is social justice. In Science, you will learn how little organisms like bacterias which cannot be seen by naked eyes help us and actually run the world, how we grow and reproduce, and how little over the top sounding concepts like friction plays an important in our life. Finally, in maths, you will know how numbers work in real life, how ratio and proportion can help you in solving day to day things and what is the practical use of geometry.

These Class 8 revision notes are designed to ease your learning and score better in your class quizzes and exam.

Class 8 Geography Notes
Class 8 History Notes
Class 8 Civics Notes
Class 8 Science Notes
Class 8 Mathematics Notes

These Class 8 revision notes are also designed for students who are preparing competitive exams. These notes will not help you to go through CBSE Class 8 books without mugging them, but also clear your basic concepts. It is important to use other tools while going through these notes such as maps in case of social studies and current affairs in science.