Class 7 Geography Notes - CBSE (NCERT) Short Geography Notes For Class 7 (PDF Download)

Class 7 Geography Notes
Class 7 Geography Notes
Geography is one of the most scoring subjects in your curriculum. It will not only help you to better your report card, but let you explore places where you never been. What makes Geography more exciting, its relativeness to Science. You will discover some of the Geography section overlaps with Science and this will in turn help you to do better in both subjects.

This year, you will learn about our environment, how elements like Air, Water, Soil, Land and Vegetation are important for our survival, how people live in too wet or too dry regions and how roadways, railways, waterways and airways have transformed our life.

Chapter 1 Environment
Chapter 2 Inside Our Earth
Chapter 3 Our Changing Earth
Chapter 4 Air
Chapter 5 Water
Chapter 6 Natural Vegetation and Wildlife
Chapter 7 Human Environment–Settlement, Transport and Communication
Chapter 8 Human Environment Interactions (The Tropical and the Subtropical Region)
Chapter 9 Life in the Temperate Grasslands
Chapter 10 Life in the Deserts

Class 7 Geography Notes are also helpful to those students who are preparing for any competitive exam such as Indian Forest Services and Indian Geo-Scientist and Geologist Services.